Feats of Strength

Kate is holding a contest where the winner gets an awesome shirt. All you have to do is tell everyone about your amazing feats of strength!


  • I can drink two drinks at the same time using only two hands!
  • I successfully renewed my driver’s license today at the DMV… in UNDER. TWO. HOURS!

My own feat:

I successfully used a gift card while shopping today.

Victory shall be mine.

If you want to throw in your own entry, tell Kate, not me.

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  • http://blueollie.wordpress.com ollie

    Fact: student sees me for office hours.

    “Professor, if f(t) = t^2, what is f'(t)?”

    Me: we just did that one; remember problem 3: “f(x) = x^2 then f'(x) = 2x”.

    Student: “yes, I know how to do that with x, but how do you do that with “t””?

    Anyway, my feat of stength is that I didn’t lose my temper. :-)