God’s Power Has Waned

Matt Bors shows us one possible reason God allows suffering:


Other reasons can be found in the full strip.

(Thanks to Pedro for the link!)

  • Chris

    Since when is George Carlin God?

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  • christi

    I love George Carlin and were he alive today would gladly seek his counsel over that of some made-up deity.

    Praise George!! (uh-oh…don’t want to start a religion of Carlinism, but he was a pretty wise dude, anyway)

  • http://frodology.blogspot.com FrodoSaves

    Also, he has man boobs.

  • Li Feng

    Ill pray for you all. God is love and mercy.

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      Do you often seek out strangers to tell them that you’re superior to them? Because that’s what “I’ll pray for you” actually means when used the way you use it.