Where is the Best Atheist Blog Category?

The nominees for the 2008 Weblog Awards have been listed and you can vote for some fine websites all over the place.

But among the list of categories, I don’t see an important one: Best Atheist Blog.

I’m not just saying that out of self-interest. There are tons that deserve recognition and I suspect there are as many atheist blogs out there as there are blogs in many other categories.

There already is a Best Religious Blog category, but even if we want to be extremely broad in how we define that word, there are no atheists in that bunch.

I’m not claiming there’s some anti-atheist bias or anything. Maybe just someone unaware of all that is out there on the Interwebs. (Hell, even Reddit acknowledges us.)

If anyone knows how to fix this for next year, please let us know.

(Thanks to Diane for the link!)

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