Dutch Baby?

Maybe I should watch the Food Network more often…

The clip below is only good for the first 30 seconds (beginning at the 7:12 mark) before becoming disappointing. Still, I was hopeful.

Mmm… Dutchelicious.

(Thanks to Jacquie for the link!)

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  • Ngeli

    You fail geography forever! Sweden is not, like, near the Netherlands. 😛

    Oh and can you please mark videos and other plugin-requiring content in the title already. It makes browsing easier for those without flash.

    [Hemant says: I don’t fail! I just published this before the post was finished. And I was eating Swedish fish at the time. My mind was messing with me.]

  • Tao Jones

    This is actually quite delicious and let me say that it is always greatly appreciated by any company I might have on a lazy Sunday morning. Much better than a Dutch Oven, a Dutch Baby is basically just a baked pancake. It also goes by a few other names if you’re searching for recipes, including a Dutch Puff, Dutch Pancake, Puffy Pancake or probably any number of combinations of those words.

    My version is baked with a topping of sliced apples, raspberries, butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. I serve it with home made syrup (reduced apple cider with cinnamon.)


  • So have a Baby Cake (http://www.snotr.com/video/2078) to get over your disappointment.

  • Beowulff

    That was hilarious, if only for the “Dutch” that was spoken in it. It took me many replays to even identify the words, and I don’t think I’d have been able to do it at all without the subtitles. Turns out the grammar’s no good too 🙂

  • Adam

    I frakin love Alton Brown =D

  • anonymouse

    even as a vegan, I love Alton, too!