A Poem: I Met a Friendly Atheist

This poem comes courtesy of Dr. Stephen Uhl, author of Imagine No Superstition.

I met a friendly atheist today
      I know “atheists are bad people” some say.
But this nice person was really good for me
      and helped me drop a childish fantasy.
Atheists I know now are not all bad;
      I hope that makes no one sad,
for here and now I enjoy this life more;
      their New Golden Rule helps my spirit soar,
for now that I know this life’s no rehearsal,
      with mutual help we manage every reversal.

It fits our theme here pretty well 🙂

(Take that, Digital Cuttlefish!)

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  • I like mine better!


  • mikespeir

    I used to commit poetry on rare occasions. But I’ve sworn off the stuff now.

  • I like the sentiment, but it some of the worst poetry I’ve ever read.

  • Anfractuous

    It’s always fun to find kindred spirits who’ve been hit with the versification bug. I salute Dr Uhl’s budding verscapacity. I, too, enjoyed the sentiment of his poem and welcome Dr Uhl to the ranks of the versaflicted.

    I, lile Paul, on the other hand, must direct Dr Uhl’s, and your, attention to the Digital Cuttlefish as the most versophisticated and versiticulous versifier I know. His verses are versingenious and highly versintuitive. His use of meter and rhythm are always verspot on, with never an extra or lacking foot (the best of which he never fails to put forward.) If you have not read his blog, you are simply missing out on a versprodigious treat.

    And, in case you weren’t aware of it, he has versed us a book! (Yes, I know he’s too shy to mention it, of course, but go check out his blog for details.)

    So to all of you who are versinclined, you will never find a more versaccomplished example of versifinesse. Please study Cuttleversology and you, too, will be tempted to join the ranks of verscribulators. It’s verifiably versinfectious!

    Ode to the Versaflicted
    by Anfractuous

    I’m afraid I’m a wee bit versceptible.
    In fact, I am full on verserk!
    I’ve been versaddicted for many a year,
    And it seems nothing cures this versquirk.

    Sometimes the versitch comes upon me.
    It’s versirksome to feel such versfunk!
    Versinsidiously versinful (Now ain’t that a chinful?)
    Oh dear, I guess I’m just versunk!