Support the Canadian Atheist Bus Ads

It’s not too late for you to support the Canadian atheists so they can put ads on buses!

So far they’ve raised nearly $12,000. But the more they get, the more ads they can buy, the bigger impact they can have.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

If you give and would like to tell us about it (hopefully inspiring others in the process), please leave a comment!

They’re already getting some fantastic publicity.

(Thanks to Philip for the link!)

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  • Arnaud

    Although I don’t have much to offer on my Paypal account, I decided to donate $5. I guess it’s better than nothing? :)

  • SmilingAtheist

    The should get the guys from Rush to help support them if you ask me. If you haven’t seen their latest video here it is:

    Being an expat Canadian I really miss Rush. I forgot that they were atheists and good! :)

    I’ll have to see if they’re still taking donations as TO is my home town!

  • SmilingAtheist

    I don’t see the link so I must have stuffed something here. I’m going to try to post the link again. I hope this is right.

    Rush Video

  • tom

    Yes, anything is better than nothing.
    Don’t wait for someone else to donate instead, waiting around will not solve anything.