The Bible in a Minute

It’s the Bible, super-abridged!

Tell the kids they no longer have to go to Sunday School.

(Thanks to Ashley for the link!)

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  • hoverFrog


  • SarahH

    Loved it! Even better than the comic strip Bible I had when I was a kid.

  • Kaleena

    I love it!!

  • Agersomnia


    Believe me that even if I consider myself good at listening English, that’s fast for someone whose first language is not English.

  • Lakafaith

    Very clever, well done… wish I had talent.

  • Kayla

    That. Was. Awesome.

  • Lee

    If the bible had been that entertaining back when I was a kid, I’d probably still be Christian, now.

  • Miko

    The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s The Complete Word of God…Abridged is also worth seeking out.

  • Jim

    That has to be the most idiotic load of crap I’ve ever seen.

  • martymankins

    Broought to you by two Mormon missionary stunt doubles.

  • DSimon

    Wait, are they stunt doubles for Mormon missionaries, or are they Mormon missionaries who are stunt doubles for other people? Or, both?

  • Daymon Balser

    Are they gonna be on the calendar?

  • Daymon The Basketeere

    Too Funny