Prayer vs. Science

Does Jessica Hagy ever get it wrong?



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  • Reed Braden

    GAH! I never updated her URL in my RSS feed. I have to go back and read everything since October! Dammit!

  • Kate

    Uh yeah…I don’t know about how much research she does, but there is a LOT of complaining in science. 😛


  • Jeff Flowers

    That ought to be a tee shirt.

  • The Science Pundit

    What that illustration is missing is the third dimension–it is clearly an overhead view. From a different angle, we would see prayer spiraling downwards and science spiraling upwards.

  • Luther Weeks

    How about holes instead of circles.

    Science helps point the way out of the hole. Prayer digs deeper.

  • Phil E. Drifter

    The graphic is wrong, it should have both circles pointied at each other.

  • Steve

    Would it be vice versa Luther? Religion looks to the heavens, science digs deeper for the truth [dinosaurs,evolution,etc.?]

  • Steve

    Wouldn’t it be*