We’re Back

Had server issues the past few hours.

We’re back up now!

Feel free to comment on the posts below :)

"I'd have permanent marks after only a day! I'm glad you survived such abuse."

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  • http://ridinginriverside.blogspot.com Justin N

    Your site went down at the moment I wanted to send this to you. A couple (probably atheist) talks about having a baby. Right up your alley.

  • http://revright.wordpress.com/ RevRight

    For a moment there, I thought the Lord had finally smited you. Oh well, I’ll just keep praying!

  • Siamang

    Snark… for a moment i thought my sysadmins at work had finally decided it was time to block the site!

  • http://raccoonsshelter.blogspot.com/ Diego

    For a moment I thought your site had been hacked, your posts deleted and your blog eliminated by faithful and loving christians trying to spread the word of god.

  • http://religiouscomics.net Jeff

    For a moment there, I thought the Lord had finally smited you.

    About the only thing the Lord is capable of these days is putting a subtle image on a piece of toast… and even that requires a bit of imagination from the viewer.

    Although, we do have to watch out for hackers with a strong God delusion.

  • http://revright.wordpress.com/ RevRight

    Diego, faithful and loving Christians hacking the site would, in fact, be a likely scenario for God’s smiting. He typically works through human vessels, though all the glory (credit, if you will) belongs to God alone. Blessings!

  • http://raccoonsshelter.blogspot.com/ Diego

    Sure rev, god seems to work through humans very often. Like when Ted Haggard was banging Mike Jones, that must have been a likely scenario of God fulfilling his necessity of gay sex through that faithful and loving christian.

  • http://revright.wordpress.com/ RevRight

    Diego, you catch on fast!