Inauguration Mentions of God Bring Donations to Atheist Lobbying Group

A couple weeks ago, I proposed on the blog that for every mention of the words “Jesus,” “Christ,” “Lord,” and “God” by the main pastors during Barack Obama’s Inauguration ceremony, I would contribute a dollar amount to the Secular Coalition for America.

I asked you to join me in doing that and I’m thrilled to report that several of you did just that.

The SCA informed me that they received $620 from readers of this site from that request alone. (That does not include my own contribution which I will be making later this week.)

Thank you to those who gave! And for those who did not, it’s not too late if you’d like to chip in!

The religious words were uttered a total of 35 times. Whether you give $0.50 a word, $1.00 a word, or $5.00 a word, it makes a huge difference. And it feels good to give to a worthy cause 🙂

Can we reach an even $1,000?

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  • benjdm

    Just put in my $2 per, for $70. So add me on to the $620.

  • Sending my check on as well.

  • Eliza

    I just donated online & credited this site for sending me there

    (Hi, Amanda!)

  • Melanie

    I’m a poor college student so I just donated $0.50 per word for a total of $17.50. But I guess every bit counts. 🙂

    I payed through PayPal though, and that didn’t give me an option to credit this site for sending me there.

  • Varda35

    I just donated my $35 and credited this site. That felt good, I need to do it more often!

  • Mriana

    Well, um… the economy… you get the hint, but if you are doing well at this time go for it! I would love to see it hit $1000. Sorry I can’t help right now. sigh.

  • mkb

    Melanie, I’ll make sure that SCA credits your contribution to Hemant’s wonderful campaign and you’re right — every bit counts. Thanks so much!

  • I just matched your $175 and credited your site in the details. Kudos on the great idea for a fundraising method! Kinda of like a non-alcoholic atheist drinking game. ;-P