Canadian Atheists Are on a Roll

First, Ian Bushfield, president of the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics, manages to convince his school to change their convocation charge.

They used to tell graduates “to use their degrees for ‘the glory of God.'” As if one already exists.

Now, they will be telling students to “serve your God.” If you believe in one, the phrase implies.

It really is a big difference. And the measure was passed by a large majority.

Congratulations to Ian and others who made that happen!

Second, Canadians will soon be seeing their own atheist buses!

The Freethought Association of Canada is thrilled to report a first week total of $21,500, three times the goal and more than enough to fund the first atheist ads on buses in Toronto.

“As soon as we receive approval, we’ll be rolling out the ads,” said FAC Vice President Katie Kish.

Katie is my hero.

You can still give to the Canadian atheist bus campaign!

Once they get the atheist buses, someone needs to borrow one, drive to America, and show us unbused people how it’s done.

(via Topic Agnostic)

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