Julia Sweeney Is Coming Back to Chicago

If you an atheist in or around Chicago, here’s a show you won’t want to miss:

Julia Sweeney (author of Letting Go of God) and singer Jill Sobule are coming to Chicago’s Lakeshore Theater.

They’ll be performing their two-woman show, aptly titled “The Jill and Julia Show with Julia Sweeney and Jill Sobule.” (Try not to forget that.)

It’s a mixture of songs and humorous anecdotes. I saw it a while back and it is *wonderful*. Bring friends.

The show is the evening of Friday, March 27th. Tickets are $25 and you can get them here!

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  • Tometheus

    Strange coincidence. I just looked up Jill Sobule last night because I was trying to remember who sang the 90s “I Kissed a Girl”, because I was getting tired of people talking about Katy Perry. Woooo… Marvel at my prescient powers!