Wonder Bread Baby

I swear, this exact child has appeared in other costumes before…

I must find his parents. And thank them.


(via MyConfinedSpace)

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  • Wendy

    What a cutie!!! Maybe it’s twins? Or triplets? Or even higher multiples… We could have a whole meal’s worth of dressed up kiddies! Everybody knows how much we atheists love ingesting children… Mmmmm!

  • Sandra

    Can someone pass the baby peanutbutter and baby jelly? Please.

  • Mriana

    S/he’s so cute! 🙂 I never knew White bread could be so cute. 😆

  • Pamela

    that IS the same kid!

  • Tom

    You scare me Hemant

  • Wow I screamed when I opened this up.. “Not again!!!” This is the same kid!! And it’s a bit creepy that it is lol.