Create Your Own Atheist Bus Sign

You’ve already seen the original atheist bus campaign sign:


But what would you write on a blank bus sign…?


You can write your own atheist bus campaign ad here!

Hell, it doesn’t have to be about atheism.

Be creative, upload your image, and share your links!

(via BlueLyon)

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  • Chris Pitcher

    Too lazy too upload images but I have harbored a dream many for years that when the genii grants me three wishes, one of them would be to fill all the advertising hoardings (but buses will do) with the following advert:

    The top half would be a picture of every big UK daily news paper with a picture of the paper’s owner above it.

    The bottom half would be compltetely filled with these words in massive text “THESE PEOPLE ARE TELLING YOU WHAT YOU THINK.”

  • Richard Wade

    Can’t figure out the linking process at Image Shack.

  • Wendy

    Here’s mine! Now THAT’S a bus I would be proud to ride!

  • Rest

    Here’s mine, which is personal to me because I was raised to believe in Hell.

  • Sara

    I wish one could change the colors around, because I feel these colors put emphasis on the wrong segment…

  • Lilyana

    My first line was too long to fit but my slogan was…

    What do Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco all have in common?
    They were all fascists and none of them were atheists.

  • cicely
  • Darwin’s Dagger

    Here mine.

  • Pseudonym
  • belongsomewhere
  • Luther Weeks

    and the

    (If I had an image it would be Superman like with a big A on his chest!!!

  • Random Chimp
  • dwasifar

    How about this one:

    Where does this bus go?

  • dwasifar

    Or this one:


  • Richard Wade

    Here’s my attempt.

  • schism

    I couldn’t think of anything else, so meh.

  • Frank
  • Guffey

    I’d need phote-editing stuff to make mine and I don’t have any… so I won’t send a pic, but mine would say “Think outside the God” with the “G” made into a stylized box and a little “od” inside it.

  • Tao Jones

    Pseudonym wins for being a fellow Guerilla Ontologist.

    My entries…

    There probably is no ceiling cat… Now stop worrying and hand me another cheezburger.

    Do you believe…that you know… the difference between belief and knowledge?

  • Chris Pitcher

    Deliberately provocative…



  • Pekka S
  • Pekka S
  • Christophe Thill
  • OrneryPest

    Hey, this is fun! I’ve got two of them up now. One at and one at

  • hoverFrog

    Spiderman is Barack Obama’s favourite superhero.

  • Sandro
  • J. J. Ramsey

    Sandro: “Too much offending?”

    No, but the analogy is very dodgy.

  • Elis

    Sandro, I like that a lot. I might use it when talking to people :)

  • Tao Jones

    I like it too Sandro. J. J. is just being a poo-poo head. :)

  • Pekka S

    One more…

    Tom Cruise

  • Alan Roberts

    This is just a comment that ‘probably’ in the campaign seems to be used in an inaccurate way.

  • paul
  • Simon

    I thought this Richard Dawkins quote looked good on a bus

  • pentimental
  • Houston

    Please accept my contribution.

  • WCLPeter
  • WCLPeter
  • Jeff

    Here is my contribution

  • Dale

    Shows you how insecure Athiests (sorry for using a curse word) are about their beliefs that they need to see signs on buses and billboards to help keep them ignorant. 90 percent of the world believes in a higher power. Keep your misguided, egocentric opinions to yourself. You don’t see Christians, Muslims or Jews posting signs on buses. Guess its because when know what the truth is. We have FAITH.

  • Issy

    If I could make just one small adjustment to the original sign… :)
    Oh also, I completely agree with Dale’s comment, above me.

  • Richard Wade

    Hi Issy,
    Thanks for your contribution. I thought it was pretty good.

    You might want to re-think agreeing completely with Dale’s comment, above, since he/she makes several mistakes:

    1. Dale seems to pretend to know the thoughts and feelings of people whom he/she has never met, nor ever conversed with. It seems a bit smug or arrogant to tell strangers all about them rather than to sincerely ask them.

    2. Dale expresses disdain for people who have caused him/her no harm. Try reconciling that with loving your neighbor.

    3. Dale implies that because a majority of people believe in something, it is therefore true. That argument is so old it has a Latin name, “argumentum ad populum.” A majority greater than 90 percent used to believe that the world was flat and that disease was caused by evil spirits. What happened to the “truth” of those majorities?

    4. Dale wants to express his/her opinion, but tells atheists to keep their opinions to themselves. Either that’s hypocrisy, or Dale very assertively doesn’t believe in freedom of speech.

    5. Dale says, “You don’t see Christians, Muslims or Jews posting signs on buses.” Oh, really?? If you and Dale aren’t legally blind, or don’t live above 12,000 feet elevation and never leave home, then you haven’t been paying attention. I can’t travel two miles in any direction without being bombarded by religious messages on billboards, buses, bumper stickers, t-shirts, buttons, TV, and radio, plus the half a million or so churches, synagogues and mosques in the U.S, all freely expressing themselves. Dale sees a couple of atheist bus ads and tells us to shut up, but then calls us “insecure.” Beams versus motes in the eye, Dale.

    So Issy, I hope you stick around and participate in some positive and respectful dialogue with good, kind, moral people who just see things differently than you. We can disagree but still come to constructive understandings.

    But I don’t think that Dale is a good example to follow.