Introducing Ron Gold

We have added one more contributor to this site, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy his contributions.

Please welcome Ron Gold!

Ron writes the Invisible Pink Unicorn blog and is a Political Science graduate from the University of Minnesota.

You can read more about him at the About the Contributors page.

Feel free to say hello!

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  • Wendy

    Welcome, Ron! IPU rocks ass. I have Her as a tattoo!

  • Trina Hoaks

    Hi, Ron!

    Welcome aboard!

  • RNB

    According to the latest carnival of the godless Ron Gold is now an ordained minister!

  • Joseph R.

    Welcome Ron,
    I am looking forward to your posts.

  • Ron Gold

    Thank you Hemant and commenters for the warm introduction.

    Wendy – love the IPU tattoo.

    RNB – that’s right. If you want an atheist minister for your wedding, I’m your man.

  • Autumnal Harvest

    Welcome, Ron! Looking forward to your posts.

    Hope you don’t plan to start any FSM vs. IPU fights. (The FSM would win. :) )

  • Richard Wade

    Welcome Ron, IPU is incisive and informative. I look forward to your contributions here.

  • Steven

    Wendy wrote:

    “Welcome, Ron! IPU rocks ass. I have Her as a tattoo!”

    Hang on, since the invisible pink unicorn is invisible how do I know that Wendy has her as a tattoo? I suppose I’ll have to take it on faith.
    Has the current doctrine established which shade of pink is appropriate for vestments, altar cloths, etc.?
    I look forward to Ron’s comments.

  • Ron Gold

    Thanks Richard. It will be nice to work here with you and the other contributors.

    It looks like a mini FSM-IPU debate has broken out. After reading Steven’s comment, I realize I may have been born with an invisible pink unicorn birth mark; just try to disprove it.

    And Autumnal Harvest – come on, invisibility is cooler than flight. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Rev. Bob

    After the game Kurt Warner commented, “Previously I’d been one of those annoying guys who gives all the credit to Jesus for our victories, but fair’s fair. Jesus really screwed us over tonight. Hail Satan!”