Products from a Conservative Christian Pharmacy

I take it you can find these at the same pharmacies where they don’t dispense birth control and morning-after pills for “moral” reasons:




There are more products where those came from courtesy of Derek Walborn at

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  • Boštjan

    What is that on the last picture. Bishop kissing a woman.Maybe that means that they have been aprooved and tested by roman clergyman

  • Nancy

    Wouldn’t Noah’s Animal Cookies be funnier if the banner said “Now With Dinosaurs!”?
    All three are funny though!

  • Ms Constantine

    OMG Red Sea barriers! That’s fantastic.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    The Roman-tested wood glue gave me almost as many lulz as the hymen-safe Red Sea barriers.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    BTW, on the box o’ condos (/penis sleeves), the Bible verse is only (part of) verse 11 from Job 31 (and is from the New Living Translation, FWIW)…

  • Wes

    The rest are funny too. “Crucifix-it” had me crackin’ up. 😀

  • DB

    Lmao, that made my day. Derek Walborn is awesome for coming up with these!

  • Darius Whiteplume

    Those are hilarious. Thanks for posting.

    Sublime Depravity
    Adventures in Nerdliness

  • Derek

    I wondered where all the extra web site traffic was coming from! I’m glad you guys dig these since you’re more or less the target audience for this sort of thing.


  • dorela

    Those are funny, thanks for share..