It Must Be a Sign

Reader John cast his vote in the Evolution poll in Parade Magazine.


What could the poll be telling us…?

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  • Jamie

    6.6.6 The number of the beast….

  • Gunnar Øyro

    There’s always some mutations in a population, and most of them perform badly, so this accounts for the other 10%. So I guess this all tells us that evolutions works!

  • Matt Stone

    None of the options fit my view.

  • Jeff


    Briefly, what is your view?

  • Felicia Gilljam

    What could the poll be telling us…?

    That you haven’t seen the episode of QI where it’s explained that the number of the beast is actually 616. 😛

  • RevWubby

    What could the poll be telling us…?

    The PZ over at Pharyngula got to it first.

  • The Science Pundit

    So God helping out with evolution is the ultimate question of the universe?

  • Luther Weeks

    Either the godless know how to take polls better than the religious.

    Or God is playing a joke on Parade.

    In other words DarWIN, GodLOSE

  • Pseudonym

    Matt Stone wrote:

    None of the options fit my view.

    I objected to the limited options too.

    I think that the majority of theistic evolutionists, who make up the majority of believers-in-a-creator-god in the world, would object to the word “required”. Whether or not divine intervention happened, it probably wasn’t necessary.

  • Tao Jones

    The poll question and the answers are very problematic.

    As I mentioned in Hemant’s original thread:

    The poll itself is problematic because it seems to assume evolutionary theory begins and ends with Darwin, that evolution is something that happened in the past rather than something that is ongoing, and finally that the only nonscientific alternatives are related to God.

    How can I say I accept “Darwin‘s theory of evolution” when I reject his pangene hypothesis?

    Doing my part to try and eliminate ignorance in the media, I wrote them a letter which can be found here.

  • RobL

    What could the poll be telling us…?

    That no one reads Parade Magazine? 743 total votes, 600+ of which came from readers of this site.