I Could Be a Follower If…

It’s definitely one way for atheists to follow Christ:


Bad news for us: Jesus is already on Twitter. However, he stopped updating months ago. Not sure what that means…

(via grrrl meets world)

"I support 100% your right to be stupid. The Constitution is a great thing."

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  • Appears we’ve been left behind.

    Quick, go check who else hasn’t been updating. They must have been taken up. Which means their stuff is unguarded.

  • Heh, not the first time he’s stopped communicating with us.

  • sc0tt

    This reminds me of the post a few months ago with the link to “ask-jesus.com” or something like that.

    After a brief non-response to my question, they stopped communicating unless I paid for a membership. I think they’re out of business now.

  • Ocell

    I was going to follow him, but I hated to mess up his followers #s.


  • Stephen

    And he’s got 666 followers… Hmmm…

  • Jesus probably stopped updating once he got to 666 followers.

  • Bart the Pirate

    And now for a grammar question.

    Seems I remember from high school something about the subjunctive that would require “if he were on Twitter” rather than “if he was on Twitter.”

    Anyone remmeber the grammatical rule on this?

  • Tom N

    He probably stopped updating b/c the Wifi went out in heaven or something.

  • I am following both Almighty God and Jesus_Christ on Twitter!

  • He probably stopped updating b/c the Wifi went out in heaven or something.

    It’s worse than that. I hear they still use dial-up in heaven.