Damn Atheists Are Everywhere

No wonder people can’t stand us. We’re everywhere!

(via Atheist Cartoons)

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  • http://www.rationalitynow.com Dan Gilbert

    Classic!… and oh-so-dead-on!

    I stamp all my paper money with a stamp that says “Atheist Money” as my little subversive protest.

  • Bill

    Very nice.

  • http://ozatheist.wordpress.com/ OzAtheist

    how so very true.

  • JimboB

    Gosh, I never realized how militant we atheists can be. Shame on us!

  • Miko

    The best part has is the little snippet from The Sound of Music.

  • Katie H

    I like how he can whistle tunes for everything except the Mosque. Goes back to his original whistle.

  • squazzy

    Where did you get that stamp?! I want one too!

  • Robin

    Thanks, now A Mighty Fortress is stuck in my head.