I Want This Tattoo

One day, when I become a real man, I am going to get this tattoo:


It’s either that or the words “Flying Spaghetti Monster” in ambigram form. Then my life will be complete.

(via Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster)

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  • http://ecstathy.blogspot.com efrique

    I wondered whether it would be possible to make such an ambigram. Since I didn’t have long, I decided to just try “Spaghetti Monster” – it sort of worked, so I am sure someone with more time (and a a better idea of how to do these things than me) should be able to do a nice one.

  • http://darwinsdagger.blogspot.com Darwin’s Dagger

    Why? The FSM is a useful image for mocking the beliefs of theists but why the hell would anyone want to have it permanently tattooed on themselves? Who wants to be that committed to a parody of something that does not exist?

  • http://atheistsandchristians.com Mike aka MonolithTMA

    That’s the one I’ve considered getting too. I don’t want a back piece though, and I could never decide where I wanted it. I have one tattoo above each of my biceps. One is Kokopelli and the other is a symbol I designed with the Kanji for Tao or Way and the words “The Way – The Truth – The Life” surrounding it in a circle. These were both gotten before I left Christianity, I have no problem with the Kokopelli one now, but the Christian one is a bit weird to explain now. Getting one of the FSM would sort of be countering that one.

  • http://yahoo.com katrice