How Cool Is This Flying Spaghetti Monster Logo?

I mentioned yesterday how cool it would be to have a Flying Spaghetti Monster ambigram tattoo… only somewhat in jest 🙂

Efrique made it happen. Just with the words “Spaghetti Monster” but very impressive nonetheless!


(And in case you don’t know what an ambigram is, here is that same picture rotated 180 degrees)


How #%$&ing cool is that?!

And bonus points for using the Scarlet A.

I’m sure prophet Bobby Henderson will be proud.

(via Ecstathy)

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  • At first I was like, what is this? Cool? Just messy. But when I realized it was an ambigram, it made sense and I changed my mind. Very cool.

  • David D.G.

    Now that is pretty darned clever!

    ~David D.G.

  • matt s

    long live the flying spaghetti monster!

  • Dennis

    I would love to have this as a wallpaper!Do you have a larger image?

  • I wonder if we could make them into temporary tattoos for kiddos? My three year old would love this, and no more worry about which direction you applied it! Double entendre too because often kids with spaghetti do look monstrous.

  • lol, did you actually spin the image 180 degrees around? I noticed they have different file names.

  • lol, did you actually spin the image 180 degrees around? I noticed they have different file names.

    I did 🙂 Maybe I could’ve saved a minute and copied the first pic, but that would ruin all the fun!

  • Hey Hemant, thanks for the link.

    Yes, Travis, it is messy – even for an ambigram. The aim was just to try to see if I could do it at all, and I didn’t have much time available to try to make it nice. I don’t even have a vaguely consistent typeface style or anything, and several of the letters are very rough indeed. When time permits I might try to figure out how to make a nice one.