If You Can’t Show An Image of Mohammed…

Jeff Swenson points out the obvious problem:


(via Freethunk!)

"The article says he's a Pig Islander."

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  • godfrey

    I knew guys named Mohammed in college, but they smelled to be allergic to water, so they wouldn’t appear in a bath towel, like the cartoon. Which Mo-man did they look like? Well, varied styles of peops, of course, like any other guys. How does anybody know what the real one looked like?

  • «bønez_brigade»

    IMO, that Freethunk! tied for #1 with the one where Gawd stubs His Toe (and damns all of humanity).

  • Stephen P

    At the risk of taking this post a bit too seriously: do we know whether there actually was a real prophet Mohammed? The islamic scholar Muhammed Kalisch doesn’t think so. I’ve read a bit of his work, and it seems reasonably coherent, though I’m not in a position to judge its accuracy.

  • http://frodology.blogspot.com/ FrodoSaves

    He only has himself to blame.

  • http://www.banalleakage.com martymankins

    Ok, that’s ironic, funny and topical.