A New Way of Looking at the Quiverfull Movement

I’ll say this about Evolved Rationalist: She can definitely put together a presentation that will keep the audience entertained. This one is on the Quiverfull movement.

I don’t remember any of my college professors ever using the phrase “epic lulz” in their powerpoints… ditto with the acronyms “ZOMG” and “STFU.”

(via Evolved and Rat/i/onal)

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  • Larry Huffman

    She left out mormons…the mormons have been operating under the quiverfull approach from the start…they just do not call it that. So her numbers practicing could be much much higher by the addition of mormons to this group.

  • anonymouse

    Nice presentation!

    The Duggars both fascinate and disgust me. I think it’s socially and ethically irresponsible to bring that many children into the world and not adopt ONE. Especially if you are against abortion.

  • mikespeir

    She tries to draw distinctions between Quiverfull and Catholicism, but those are not very meaningful in practice. Call it Quiverfull or whatever, the basic belief that women should have as many children as they can is a very old one, springing ultimately from erstwhile high infant mortality rates. Religion just borrowed it and codified it such that now it’s seen as a moral offense to shirk it, though it’s self-evidently outlived its usefulness.

  • cathy

    I liked it, except for that first image. I’ve seen it before and it never sat well with me. I feel like it implies that 1) women who have children or many children have worse vaginas and 2)that women make babies all by our lonesome (How about Penis is not a clown car? It puts all of the blame of huge families on women. She didn’t artifically inseminate herself, someone else participated in this). Not saying that the maker of the image intended to say that, but it’s how it comes off to me.

  • Jared


    Actually I don’t think Mormons fit into the Quiverfull movement, and being an atheist in Northern Utah I probably would have noticed. The trend of all mormon families having 9+ children ended 40 years ago. Now there are very few families that have more than 5, and most have 2-4, even the most devout.

  • Jared

    Just a side note I did grow up Mormon, and yes being taught to have large families was quite common. But not ridiculously large families like Quiverfull families have.

  • Twin-Skies

    Lucky Star ftw! Any presentation that uses Konata and Miyuki to make a point gets a thumbs up in my book!