JREF is Back on YouTube

That is all.

I’m not sure why it was taken down, but hopefully we’ll find out the reason soon enough.

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  • http://aboutkitty.blogspot.com/ Cat’s Staff

    I so predicted that it would be back….I think I should get the million dollars.

    There was some rumbling about “we[atheists/skeptics/etc] should leave YouTube and make our own site!” NO!!!!! That would ‘ghettoize’ us like GodTube (which has changed its name to tangle to feel less ghettoized). We should be on YouTube because that’s where people are. I was looking at video.google.com earlier today and the video about open-mindedness was on the front page section 1 of the ‘hot videos’.

  • Aj

    I still say people should switch, this wasn’t the first mysterious account suspension and it won’t be the last. Youtube isn’t the be all and end all of video sharing, there’s competition there.

    On the plus side I didn’t even know JREF had a Youtube channel, I’m watching my favourite skeptic Steve Novella chat with the living legend James Randi right now.

  • Zar

    I don’t know about switching over entirely, but it’s a very good idea to have a backup account on another file-sharing site.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a video that every atheist should see: