The Holy Gospel of the Easter Bunny

Now, I truly understand Easter:

(via The Atheist Blogger)

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  • That explains everything! Except why the Rabbit Christ hides the very multicolored eggs that he himself was born from on the anniversary of his resurrection. I blame Satan.

  • Well Amen to that!! And Happy Good Friday too!!

  • I was especially moved by the image of the stitched together Jeshua Cottontail. I shall immediately show this clip to my own pets so they can be saved too.

  • LeoPardus

    Dang! I should not watch something like that at work. Even though the sound was way down, i nearly guffawed out loud when JC told them that chocolate represented his body and the chocolate bunny appeared in his thought bubble.

    Most amusing. I think I shall partake of the chocolate eucharist soon.

  • My favorite part was the healing of a leopard!!!

  • Coulla


    I think we can all learn a lesson from Jeshua Cottontail. His humility, wisdom and generosity of spirit surely resonates deeply within all of us…

    …or is that heartburn? I had rabbit for dinner.

  • cathy

    Wait, I thought rabbits were the antichrist? Deuteronomy 14:6,7 says that rabbits chew cud, which they clearly do not, so the very presence of one of those antibible rabbits destroys good friday.

  • godfrey

    Mmmmm…hausenpfeffer! BTW, what’s with all the “meat is murder”, etc., subtitles? Damned vegans. Have they looked in their own mouths and counted the CANINE teeth? Guess they should pull those out in sympathy.

    On a side note, I’m grilling LAMB for Sunday dinner! Mm, mm, mm!