An Atheist Bus Birthday Cake


Personally, it would’ve been funnier if the last word was “party”… but I’ll eat this nonetheless. The cake was made by Seanna Watson of the Humanist Association of Ottawa.

(via Atheist Bus Canada)

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  • EndUnknown

    OM NOM!

    made me smile, and want cake.

  • Awesome! Wonder if I could convince my roommate to bake me one of those for my upcoming birthday…

  • Luther Weeks

    Much better than an old grilled cheese sandwich with a picture of the virgin Mary.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Happy Birthday to whomever.

  • I’m glad it made folks smile. The cake wasn’t actually for anyone’s birthday; it was made in recognition/celebration of City Council’s 13-7 vote to allow the ads to run on Ottawa buses – thanks again to folks here who wrote letters and signed our petition. (The ads have been running here since 7 April, but I haven’t managed to see one myself yet.)

  • NotStradamus

    It must be hard to be a Humanist in Ottawa right now. The Prime Minister and most of his governing party are religious nutbars similar to the Bush rethuglicans.