You would think a church mired in sex scandals would want to avoid association with a guy who has recently been involved in a sex scandal

And since when do Catholics try to emulate the cheesy “we-know-pop-culture-so-we-must-be-relevant” element of so many Christian churches?

As if we needed another reason not to attend church…

(via Unreasonable Faith)

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  • Jeff

    Perhaps if you go to confession, it would be wise to bring along a body-guard and a lawer.

  • Hal in Howell MI

    You mean the video isn’t a Poe? Seriously, I thought it was a joke. Well, back to one of Obama’s re-education camps.

  • Spook

    As if we needed another reason not to attend church…

    I figured that reason itself was why we didn’t attend church 😉

  • Personal Failure

    that has got to be a Poe. c’mon, Ratzinger and SoulWow? no way.

  • Teleprompter

    It’s not a Poe. There’s a website for it, but I can’t remember exactly where it was.

  • Transplanted Lawyer

    I disagree. I think it’s amusing and reasonably hip. I dig the guy’s Lawn Giland accent. Utter and complete nonsense, of course. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is sort of clever.

  • Tim D.

    Wow. Oxyclean Knocker-offer by day, hooker-beater by night. What’s next? Some Gospel singer gets caught beating his wife?

    Oh, wait.

  • Mike z


  • miller

    I wonder what the Skepchicks make of this (!)