Jesus Would *Never* Do That

Except the Bible says he did do those things…

And NonStampCollector makes this point about his video:

We always hear about the many amazing things that Jesus of Nazareth apparently did, but nobody ever asks about the things that Jesus supposedly COULD have done, being omnipotent, but either didn’t bother to do or didn’t think were all that important. You know, things like… reducing human misery and suffering… that kind of thing.

(via NonStampCollector)

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  • I give it a ten.

    Ten MILLION!

    Seriously, articulate and well-executed 😀

  • MH

    It’s great. I’m half tempted to post a link to it on the beliefnet forums, but it will likely fall on deaf ears.

  • That was awesome. My boyfriend and I quite enjoyed it. 😀

  • Jesus was kind of a jerk. And, he had sex with Mary THEN she gave birth to him. Kinky!

  • Richard Wade

    That was so good.

  • That guy has some good videos. Like The Thing That Made The Thing For Which There Is No Known Maker.

  • But the, ahem, Devil’s advocates will surely have the answer: the Devil causes all those bad things….

    Does the NonStampCollector have any vids addressing that canard?

    Great work. Thanks for sharing.

  • mike

    Why are some of his videos tagged as unsuitable for minors? That is pretty ridiculous. I’m not sure how to complain about such a thing to youtube, though.

    Update: Oh nevermind, I found that this video has actual video of people being stoned.

  • Great stuff!!!!

  • Eliza

    Wow. Thanks.

  • Aaron

    That was great!