Roger Ebert’s Views on Death

Film critic Roger Ebert beautifully and eloquently discusses his eventual death:

What I expect will most probably happen is that my body will fail, my mind will cease to function, and that will be that. My genes will not live on, because I have had no children. Perhaps I have been infertile. If I discover that somewhere along the way I conceived a child, let that child step forward and he or she will behold a happy man. Through my wife, I have had stepchildren and grandchildren, and I love them unconditionally, which is the only kind of love worth bothering with.

I am comforted by Richard Dawkins’ theory of memes. Those are mental units: thoughts, ideas, gestures, notions, songs, beliefs, rhymes, ideals, teachings, sayings, phrases, clichés, that move from mind to mind as genes move from body to body. After a lifetime of writing, teaching, broadcasting and happily torturing people with my jokes, I will leave behind more memes than many. They will all eventually die as well, but so it goes.

And as a little added bonus of sorts, Ebert took a “What religion are you?” quiz.

Number one on his list? Secular Humanism (100%).

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  • Kaleena

    That’s what I got too when I took the quiz!

  • anthuswilliams

    According to this test, I am a Unitarian Universalist 100%, which is absurd.

    On the plus side, I got Secular Humanist at 99%, which much more accurately reflects my views. I can’t imagine why the form would list me as a Unitarian.

  • Twin-Skies


    Welcome to the club. I assumed I was a deist, but got UU at 100% too.

    Hmm, I need to detox further…

  • bill

    100% secular humanist, but the 5% jehovahs witness still seems like too high a percentage…

    i’d like to leave a lot of memess behind. i really enjoy it when i notice a friend picks up a saying i use…

  • River

    I got the same spread as Mr. Ebert, it looks like. Heh.

  • Lost Left Coaster

    Nice Vonnegut reference! “So it goes.”

  • Ashley

    @Lost Left Coaster: I was coming here to comment on the same thing. Really drives the point home to see it used in the real world in context.

  • Sibs

    Unitarian Universalist. Go figure