Secular Student Alliance Conference Registration Now Open!

The Secular Student Alliance is hosting our annual conference on August 7th — 9th (Friday to Sunday) in Columbus, Ohio. Registration is finally open to the public!

Why should you come to this conference?

  • It’s one of the largest gatherings of atheist students in the country all year
  • Keynote speaker = PZ Myers
  • If you’re a student member of the SSA, the registration cost is only $25!
  • It’s a chance to receive activist training, meet several of the leaders in the atheist movement, and network with college atheists from around the country
  • I’ll be there. Do you *need* any more reason?

We will hopefully have information on travel grants up soon.

If you’re in the Midwest, this could make for a great road trip, and it may not be too late to get funding from your university!

If you’re on the coasts or from the South, flights and a roadtrip doesn’t cut it for you, flights into Columbus aren’t too bad, and we can help you with rides to the campus.

I love these events because going to an SSA conference was my first foray into the world of organized atheism. I became more involved on a national level after attending. It was an amazing opportunity to meet other atheists and listen to great speakers.

This conference will be even better than the one I attended because there’s a Chipotle near campus.

If you have any questions, ask away!

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  • Oooo, this is actually less than a 4 hour drive for me! I’ll definitely consider it. Time to go bug my officers…

  • Kate

    I am definitely planning to attend. I am starting up a group on my campus, so this will be a huge help! And it’s a chance to meet you, Hemant, and PZ! What else could I want? haha.

  • I would love to attend, but the Ohio location is terrible. What is there to do there? Plus, it is so, so far away from my Pacific Northwest environs. I wish that the SSA would hold a conference out West. I am going to be at the AHA conference in Phoenix in a couple of weeks; that’s much closer to home.

  • Oh, I would love to go, but I am too poor.

    Perhaps some year!