Atheist Bus Campaign in Indiana Given Green Light

There was craziness last week when Transpo, a company that controls which ads are placed on buses in South Bend, decided to delay atheist advertising on their buses.

It looked a little something like this:


Even though the money had been paid, the atheists couldn’t capitalize on Barack Obama‘s weekend appearance at Notre Dame and all the eyeballs that were on the city.

Today, the Transpo board met and made the right decision: The atheist ads will finally be given a green light.

Finally the oh-so-controversial “You Can Be Good without God” ads will be seen around the city!

(image via Atheist Cartoons)

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  • David D.G.

    Oh, well. It’s too bad that the ad won’t be able to target that special occasion. On the other hand, the delay resulted in extra publicity about the ad, so maybe there’s a bit of a tradeoff in effect here.

    Oh, and the cartoon is hilarious!

    ~David D.G.

  • Glad to see common sense prevailing, even if the delay seems so transparently political.

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