Jesus’ Bathroom Mirror?

I’m not surprised at all…


(via Holy Juan)

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  • Iason Ouabache

    I … don’t get it.

  • Jason

    ^ I second it.

  • Melissa

    it’s probably a reference to how everyone sees Jesus in such random objects…Jesus’ “mirror” is a piece of toast because everyone sees him in it. that’s all I could make out of it.

  • Rene Horn

    @Melissa: That’s what I thought it was about.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    I got it, and I lawled.

  • xxldave
  • James Koran

    Might as well take it here and say: It gives us a new meaning about the “Bread of Life.” Of course this is leavened bread and that won’t do. Father, Son and Holy Toast.

  • Larry Huffman

    Very funny. His compact mirror is a piece of sushi. (Someone saw Jesus in a california roll and was making a flap about it a few years ago.)

  • Jeff

    When I squint my eyes, I think I see the three wise men and the baby Jesus.

    No, I take that back, I only see two wise men. It must just be toast.

  • HolyJuan

    Here is the original cartoon that a lot of people had trouble understanding:

  • Wendy

    LMAO!!!! I had 150 new posts in my Google Reader today (*groan*), and this is the only one that made me LOL!

  • Eliza

    God, that’s funny!

    So’s this (thanks, James Koran):

    Father, Son and Holy Toast.

    If I turn my toaster up to “scorch”, would I be more likely to get images of Satan than of Jesus??