The OUT Campaign Jigsaw Puzzle

I love this picture, courtesy of brexians:


What it really needs is a good promotional caption. Something like “The OUT Campaign: We need all of you to come out to complete the atheist tapestry.” Or something far less cheesy.

You get the idea.

Who are the marketing gurus out there? What can you come up with?

(via toomanytribbles)

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  • Marketing is all about the cheesy.
    The Out Campaign: Are you the last piece of the puzzle?

  • Claudia

    The Atheist Community; not complete without all its pieces. Come out and link up.

    It’s 1:30am, the best I can do.

  • Carlie

    “All that’s missing is you. Speak out.”

  • Nick

    “Bring OUT your inner piece”

  • AndrewR

    “The Out Campaign: Show The World Where You Fit In.”

    Or, “Don’t Be Afraid To Show The World Where You Fit In.”

    “Piecing it together, one Atheist at a time.”

  • williamk

    Be a part of something bigger.

  • Richard Wade

    Not exactly about “coming out” but still, it might be useful somewhere:

    “Atheists: Filling in the gaps for 20,000 years.”

  • llewelly

    What it really needs is a good promotional caption.

    No. The picture says it all. A caption could only say “You’re so stupid you need someone to tell you water is wet.”

  • thank you my friend
    glad that you like it
    Demetrios aka Brexians

    Belief is the death of intelligence” – Robert Anton Wilson

  • Carlie

    Oh, I think a caption would be good. Otherwise a religious person could look at it and think “Atheists: still a few pieces short of a full puzzle.”

  • Ricardo Colmenares

    Be a part of something bigger.

    Too close to a religious slogan, I think.

    I second Richard Wade’s suggestion. It’s one of those “damn, wish I’d thought it up” pieces of genius.

  • TalentedChimp

    “Gaps not filled by God.”