A Bible-Based Marriage

Ohh… so this is what traditional marriage is supposed to be like:

An arranged marriage doesn’t sound so bad now…

(via Greta Christina’s Blog)


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  • That’s brilliant but True Believers (TM) will simply point out that the context is all wrong. Never mind that the context for anti-homosexual thinking is mixed up with such condemnation against things like seafood and poly-fibre shirts.

  • Funny and perceptive.

  • I don’t know what just happened, but it was furcking awesome 😀

  • I watched this the other day (linked from @curtsmith on Twitter) and laughed so hard. Of course, that was before I wondered how many Christians would watch this and actually question why they support only a single version of a biblical marriage.

  • I love it. I’ll have to forward this to some of my gay frinds.

  • Mriana

    That was a riot! And she is dead on too. 😆

  • medussa

    I posted this on facebook, knowing full well my mormon family is also linked in.
    No responses from them, predictably. But I bet they prayed for me. Again.

  • Love it!

  • Donny

    Interesting perspective. The thing that troubles me more than non-christians are all the christians who have helped advance this misconception of following GOD. What troubles me still is non-christians who instead of finding the truth on their own use the the stupidity of a twisted perception of real faith and God to harbor hatred and disgust for a God who truly does want the best for us but is rolling his eyes at even those who claim to love him but just dont f’n get it!