The Flintstones Is Not a Documentary

It’s like I’ve always said: Pigs are Creationists.


Thankfully, Goat is the voice of reason.

I’m not sure if there’s an extended metaphor for that…

(via Pearls Before Swine)

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  • matt

    didnt they sacrifice the goat?

  • littlejohn

    Well, flying feathered dinosaurs are still around.

  • Richard Wade

    It’s like I’ve always said: Pigs are Creationists.

    You have that switched around.

  • Stephan Goodwin

    Dinosaurs and humans lived together…

    Where are all the bible stories about Tyrannosaurs eating entire villages? Were they wiped out in the flood? Why isn’t that mentioned?

    “Noah took everything ‘cept the big ass lizards that kept eating people, for The Lord thought they were damn annoying”

  • Jeff

    Research shows that this probably happened on the ark.

  • Mark

    Only a complete blithering moron could read the bible and conclude that dinosaurs and humans lived together. Alas, these knuckle draggers calling themselves christians is the best proof that atheists have that there is no god.

    By the way…. I’m not saying that dinosaurs and humans didn’t live together but the bible certainly has nothing to say on the matter.

  • Optimus Primate

    Wait, I thought it was “sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell.” When did pigs enter into the equation?

  • Richard Wade

    There are a few non-avian dinosaurs still among us. Unable to adapt to the changing enviroment, they are steadily going extinct. Members of the Theistopods, their species include: Creatisaurus, Homophobidon and Superstirolophus to name a few. In a few generations there will be nothing left of them but fossils.

  • llewelly

    Thankfully, Goat is the voice of reason.

    Zoroaster was right.

  • Luther

    “It’s like I’ve always said: Pigs are Creationists.”

    You have that switched around.

    Have you no appreciation for Pigs? As far as I know, none has ever seriously considered the possibility of a god. The only “myth” they believe is that once pigs could wander free, wallow in mud, avoid antibiotics, and die of old age.

  • Jeff

    Pigs do seem to be susceptible to demonic possession.

    Matthew 8:28-34

    But then they had the good sense to go jump off a cliff. :roll:

  • patrick

    Extended metaphor? Creationists (pigs) are more equal than others, and atheists (goats) are going to hell. It extends quite nicely!

  • Ian Andreas Miller

    Thankfully, Goat is the voice of reason.

    Goat is an Atheist Goat who loves coffee instead of God.

  • Lyvvie

    I failed Bible study, but isn’t the Devil supposed to be goat-like? So seems like the devil is whispering lies to the faithful, innocent Creation Pig. Dashdarned goats.

    So is it pro creation, or atheistic leaned? (I’m not familiar with the cartoonist)

  • James

    Goats are Baaaaaad. 😉