Scientific Mix Tape for Kids

Junior Skeptic (an insert in each issue of Skeptic magazine) offers a science-friendly playlist for children.

You can read a description of every song and artist, download every song for free, and parents can check out any advisories (e.g. mild criticism of Darwin’s contemporary opponents, including religious thinkers).

Even if you’re not a kid, there are some excellent songs in the bunch!

(via Rational Moms)

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  • Freelancecynic

    I wouldn’t call it a kids’ mix so much as family friendly. There’s some absolutely brilliant songs in this mix. Definitely worth a look for everyone.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    6 or 8 of them are worthy of repeated listenings, especially “Cosmic Carl” and “Mary Anning”.

  • cathy

    They better have They Might Be Giants song The Sun. Catchie and sciencie.

  • gerry

    Can we have it available in the UK store please… thank you