Jenny McCarthy Gets Her Own Fragrance

First, Richard Dawkins gets his own cologne.

Now, Jenny McCarthy?!


Well if they can have them, I want my own, too, dammit.

It will smell like a mix of Chipotle, spaghetti, and Atomic Fireballs.

(via Science, Reason, and Critical Thinking)

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  • TJ

    I guess the name on the bottle is describing the smell. :)

    Ever been in that section at the store? I rest my case.

  • Ubi Dubium

    But what would Hemant’s new fragrance be named?

  • Jeff

    Is there a website out there where you type in a name and it puts it on the perfume bottle (like the church sign generator website)?

    I wonder what would happen if you mixed the Richard Dawkins and Jenny McCarthy fragrances together? If they react, we may have a new energy source. :)

  • ursulamajor

    Chipotle, spaghetti, and Atomic Fireballs.

    You smell like my 14 year old son?


  • marfita

    Considers “hiking the Appalachian Trail” on the strength of the Atomic Fireballs alone.

  • Paul Lundgren

    It will smell like a mix of Chipotle, spaghetti, and Atomic Fireballs.