I Have a Fragrance, Too

My fragrance looks *so* much cooler than that of Richard Dawkins and Jenny McCarthy:

HM fragrance

It smells like roses, foamy soap, and curry.

(Thanks to Max for the image!)

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  • http://cycleninja.blogspot.com Paul Lundgren

    Is this one of those pheromone colognes?

  • http://www.ethicalfocus.org Ken Karp

    Ahhh … the rational response!

  • SarahH

    It’s not, “I have a fragrance,” it’s “I haz a flavor!”

  • Spacew00t

    You could relabel it and sell it as “Fundie Repelent” as well, I’d invest in that.

  • Mikko

    sold by the liters here in Sweden 😉

  • http://crispian-jago.blogspot.com/ Crispian Jgao

    Thanks for the links. Have I started a new trend?