A PZ Myers-Led Tour of the Creation Museum

My fellow Secular Student Alliance board member Phil Ferguson is an avid Pharyngula reader and knows PZ Myers has an opinion or two about the Creation Museum. Since PZ is speaking at our conference the first weekend in August, he had an idea: Why not invite PZ to join us a day early, have as many people as possible join us, and lead a tour through the Creation Museum?

PZ graciously agreed to do it and now we’re inviting anyone interested to join us: On Friday, August 7th, at 10:00 a.m., we’ll be meeting at the museum entrance.

Ken Ham, the museum’s founder, will be invited to join us.

To see a joint PZ/Ham tour would be well worth the price of admission… which is good because I’ve been there before and nothing else in the museum is worth it. A solo PZ tour wouldnt be so bad, either.

Having scientists visiting the museum — and then documenting the inanity inside for the general public — may be worth the few bucks you give up by going there.

While it’s not a requirement to join us for the Creation Museum trip, registration for the SSA Conference is still open! (And travel grants are available if you need help getting funding for a flight.) The festivities officially begin Friday night.

I have a grad school final Thursday evening in Chicago… but I’ll do everything I can to reschedule it so I can join in the “museum” tour. How often do you get a fun opportunity like that?

By the way, the other day, I mentioned a fundraiser that another board member, Ashley Paramore, was conducting on YouTube.

Check out how awesome you all are!

We haven’t reached the $5,000 goal yet, but this is pretty damn impressive. It’s not too late to give!

(via Pharyngula)

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  • Daniel

    Can people stop giving money to the creation museum please?

  • http://friendlyatheist.com Hemant Mehta

    Can people stop giving money to the creation museum please?

    That idea ran through our minds. We don’t want to give them money… but we felt it would be worth it to get dozens of people (PZ included) writing about how unscientific and untrue the exhibits are. If the media comes along with us, even better. The admission price is a minor con compared to a lot of pros.

  • ATL-Apostate

    I agree with Hemant. Can’t wait to hear PZ et al write about their experiences there.

  • http://tobycentral.blogspot.com Toby

    Can people stop giving money to the creation museum please?

    You could always do what people did after seeing Expelled: buy Stupid Offsets. After going to the Creation Museum, donate twice as much to the SSA or some other science foundation.

  • Epistaxis

    If you feel bad about giving money to the Creation Museum, you can always offset it with a donation to the Secular Student Alliance. :-)

  • Ron in Houston

    Stupid Offsets

    Is that like cap and trade for atheists?

  • http://angelofharlots.blogspot.com Nena

    I am changing my plans for my trip with my daughter for her birthday. This will be awesome.

    She isn’t terribly familiar with PZ, but she adores you, Hemant. She will freak if I tell her you are going to be there. :-)

  • Becky

    Yay! Go Phil and PZ! 😀

  • http://friendlyatheist.com Hemant Mehta

    She isn’t terribly familiar with PZ, but she adores you, Hemant. She will freak if I tell her you are going to be there. :-)

    Aww, thanks Nena :) I should be able to make it there with no troubles.

  • John Morales

    I think “anyone interesting” should read “anyone interested”.


  • Pseudonym

    I don’t think I’d want to be in the same room as PZ and Ken. Am I alone in this?

  • http://blaghag.blogspot.com Jennifurret

    I’ll most likely be there =)

  • http://friendlyatheist.com Hemant Mehta

    I think “anyone interesting” should read “anyone interested”.

    Thanks, John. Fixed. Though my typo was quite amusing… :)

  • Chris

    YouTube… This needs to be videotaped and put on YouTube.

  • Zered

    We live so close to the creation “museum”. We’ve already been there, but I would love to see it led by PZ!