Guess What Today Is…?

It’s July 1st. Guess what that means…?

If you open up your 2009 Skepdude calendar, you should be landing on a studly picture of me. Mr. July, 2009.

Go ogle it. Enjoy.

To the rest of you who didn’t order it: You should be ashamed of yourselves. Look what you’re missing out on…

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  • AxeGrrl

    It’s July 1st. Guess what that means…?

    it’s CANADA DAY!! :)


  • Ron in Houston

    Gee, internationally known author, calendar model, what’s next?

  • Eric

    At first, I didn’t see the space after “Go”. I couldn’t Google a good picture to Go ogle though.

  • Timothy Mills

    Should we make this month’s Skepdude an honourary Canadian for the day, then? (And the Skepchick too, of course.)