Indiana Education Official Backs Out of Creationism Conference

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett recently met with Rev. Fredrick Boyd about a mentoring program in the schools. I’m going to assume for a moment that program would’ve been legal/kosher.

Boyd asked Bennett if he would speak at his conference.

Bennett said yes, thinking he’d be talking about education in his state.

Yesterday morning, Bennett discovered what the conference was about: Creationism. He pulled out of the conference immediately.

Good for him. He really should’ve known better in the first place, but he did the right thing.

Or did he…?

Maybe he should’ve taken advantage of the situation, going to the conference and talking about why Creationism has no basis in science and no business in Indiana public schools.

How great would that have been?!

The only downside is that the conference is in September. Surely someone would’ve noticed him on the roster before then and he would’ve gotten well-deserved flack from… well… people like us.

(Thanks to Amanda for the link!)

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  • Ron in Houston

    Obviously Indiana does a somewhat better job of picking its public officials than Texas does.

    I guess I shouldn’t expect too much considering we have Rick “Secessionist” Perry for governor.