Florida Billboard Controversy

Ken Loukinen is part of the FLorida Atheists and Secular Humanists.

Recently, FLASH put up this billboard:


I realize many of you dislike the color scheme… but the billboard is already provoking discussion. Many in the community don’t like it.

WSVN, a local FOX affiliate, reported on the controversy and found the most ridiculous people to interview in opposition to the billboard:

Here’s a partial transcript of another piece by the same station, featuring some of the same clips (Pops out):

Essie “Big Mama” Reed: Is that sign telling the truth?

Kids: NO!

Reed: And how do we feel about that sign?

Kids: BAD!

Reed: And it need to come where?

Kids: DOWN!

Reed: We need this sign taken what?

Kids: DOWN!

Reed: In the name of Jesus.

Reed: I don’t know what their reason why putting this sign up. And then it says ‘Do Not Believe in God.’ How we gonna make it? Look at our schools every day. Every day, is something going on. Kids out here are killing each other. Kids out here are using drugs. Who else they gonna believe in?

Actually, Reed might want to learn some grammar. There’s a question mark after “Don’t believe in God”… it’s a call out to people who already don’t believe in one, not a command for others to stop believing in one.

Instead of believing in a higher power, it would be more effective to take some action and try fixing the problem from within. Get the troubled kids a proper education, get them working, get them some positive role models. It’s easier said than done, but those things would be far more effective than sitting around and blaming atheists for getting you to think about what you believe.

And is anyone else disturbed by the kids parroting whatever she wants them to say?

That’s why we need the billboard and people like Ken promoting freethought.

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