Atheist Communities Growing

There was a nice article yesterday about atheist communities in the Christian Science Monitor by G. Jeffrey Macdonald. There’s nothing in it particularly newsworthy to atheists who read the blogs, but there are some decent quotations and some news for people outside the movement:

The ranks of nonbelievers are on the rise, research suggests, and as they seek out each other online and in small groups, they are increasingly looking to do more than just vent.

Some are adopting rituals themselves, from de-baptisms to wedding ceremonies, as a way to cement ties among members. Others are organizing science-related outings or enrolling in community-service programs. Nationwide, atheists’ groups are now treading, sometimes gingerly, into unfamiliar territory.

“This is the transition moment right now,” says Dale McGowan, author of “Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion.” “Some groups are really diving in [to foster a robust sense of community], and some of them are holding their noses and standing on the diving board. They’re not quite sure what to do.”

It’s definitely an article to cite the next time someone asks what atheists are for and not against.

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  • Delphine

    I really wish to be in one of these, but the closest one is half an hour away on a week night.

    When I move (after this economy gets better), I’m certainly going to start attending a group.