Now, Your Homosexuality is Cured

Jesusophile explains how to cure The Gay.

I think it may have backfired…


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  • Cherie M

    “The touch of their man hands… DID something to me.”

    I about died laughing at that.

    The assumption that gays should be cured, not -just- of their AIDS but of gayness as well… nice implications there. This troll still cracks me up

    Thanks for the link

  • dersk

    That’s how we roll in The Netherlands.

  • Delphine

    Many homophobics are gay themselves and are just too scared to admit it. They’re homophobic because they’re afraid other gays will trigger their homosexuality and make them gay.

    … My guess is this guy is one of those.

  • bigjohn756

    Here’s a guy who lisps and has woman hair and who is sexualy excited by contact with good looking men and his mother’s breasts trying to say that we should judge a gay by his looks. Quad fail!

  • mathyoo

    He is totally in the closet, even to himself.

  • obsciguy

    My first thought was “Is this satire?” but after watching a few of his other videos (e.g. How to have sex) I felt kind of bad for laughing so hard at this poor guy.

  • Victor

    This guy is hilarious. He’s like a poor man’s Edward Current.

  • Shannon

    Wow, I thought he was serious at first, lol! Thanks for putting that up.

  • obsciguy

    Yeah – scratch my previous comment – it is indeed satire. Whew!!

  • littlejohn

    C’mon, this guy’s a Poe! It’s great! I loved the reference to touching breasts, then mentioning they were his mother’s. Wait till your sister comes home! Give up the gay, take up incest!

  • Jeff

    Yeah, he is just joking around trying to ridicule Jesus freak types.

  • Tim D.

    Grand. Simply grand 😀

  • Beth

    Yes, he’s fake. And FABULOUS!

  • Pierre

    he is fake, fabulous, and cute! hahaha

  • Crux Australis

    First, I thought “asshole”. Then I thought “brilliant”.

  • justanotherjones

    He cracks me up, and he’s so cute! If only I were 30 years younger.

    And a guy. 😉

  • Slugsie

    That had me going, right up until he mentioned his mum! He’s no Edward Current, but still amusing.

  • Mary

    Well, he is certainly nice to look at but I can’t watch his videos without muting the sound. Even though I know it’s satire.

  • Fizzy

    Jesusophile is the Jonathan Swift of our age.

  • High Church Atheist

    This guy gives new meaning to the word “sick.”

    Or are ours legs being pulled?

    Either way, it’s dumb.

  • Wendy

    This guy is awesome.