The Non-Religious Air Compressor?

Reader Josh noticed this air compressor at his workplace:


Who knew freethinkers ran companies like this?!

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  • Jeff Satterley

    They also make golf carts, among other things I’m sure. I noticed that the last time I played. Didn’t have a camera though…

  • Nic

    I don’t get it. Then again, I’ve been exposed to their tools for a good long time.

  • As a result of the “Rand” portion of the logo, this air compressor only supplies compressed air to rich industrialists. The poor people will just have to settle for regular air. That is, until the capitalists buy that, too.

  • medussa

    I don’t get it either, and I don’t think I’m usually slow…

  • JT

    don’t get it either… feelin’ dumb…

  • Pseudonym

    Why should a father object to your inventing a better air compressor than he had?

  • Aj

    Ingersoll and Rand are sirnames of atheists.

  • medussa

    thx. Is that common knowledge?

  • AcornHunter

    Meh, it’d be nice if that meant something.

    The Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company and the Rand Drill Company merged in 1905 to form Ingersoll Rand. (Ayn Rand was born 1905)

  • I was surprised anyone’s surprised by it. I’ve been seeing their heavy equipment in construction sites for years now.

  • Ingersoll and Rand are sirnames of atheists.

    Wouldn’t “Rand” be a ma’amname instead of a sirname?

  • Brody

    There could be something to it. I had a good friend I grew up with, both of us being quite fundamentalist Christian at the time. His first job out of college was with Ingersoll Rand. Though I’ve lost contact with him since, I believe he is an atheist now.

  • I too didn’t get it because I’ve been around their equipment for years now.

  • yeah, this is a weak post.
    seemed like you were reaching on this one.

  • It was a joke, kids. Not meant to be taken as a serious post. Come on, let’s not perpetuate the stereotype that we’re a bunch of overly serious stiffs. 🙂

  • I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who made the connection!

  • bigjohn756

    The only reason that anyone is excited by this is because of limited exposure to general information. There is a big, wide world out there some of which is well known to only a few observant people. Generally, the older one is the more general knowledge one accumulates. The Ingersoll-Rand brand is ubiquitous in industry, but, not as well known in general. As such, I dealt with the brand for decades without ever associating it with any philosophers.

  • Michael

    I didn’t get it either, but I went to college in a small town that housed one of Ingersoll-Rand’s executive headquarters and drove past their offices frequently. The company name is as common to me as “Coca-Cola.”