Have Your (Baby) Cake and Eat It, Too

This is everything I’ve ever wanted all rolled into one: Cake and babies.


It seems getting your sonogram put on a cake is the new trend for cool people.

This just makes me want to have my octuplets even sooner.

(Thanks to @MerrieMelodyxx for the link!)

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  • zoo

    That’s. . . really creepy. What happened to cute animals?

  • allison

    Agreed. Of course, with my oldest our primary ultrasound pic was of his nether regions. Probably not the best shot for a cake!

  • Shane

    It looks like a zombie. I don’t understand “cool people”.

  • Jessica

    I say this as a mother of two, but this baby obsession thing has gotten out of hand. Not EVERYTHING needs to be shared with the world.

  • Matto the Hun

    Man, wash that down with an After-Birth smoothy… yummmmmmm!

  • Eugh! That is tres creepy!

  • Anne

    Don’t you think in light of the recent case of the woman who did eat her baby you could give this a fucking rest already?

  • Anne — not to be insensitive to something you clearly feel strongly about, but using your logic, we would never joke about death, taxes, religion, craziness, war, hurt feelings, or of life in general. All (dark) humor everywhere would go out the window, and I like life too much for that.

    I wonder if cakes showing a birthing photo are next. Someone should get on this — there’s a niche out there to be filled!

  • @Matto:

    What part of, “Not EVERYTHING needs to be shared with the world,” don’t you understand?!

    I need to go bleach my brain now.