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Jesus is super-athletic. Who knew!?

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Anyone else besides me afraid of heights?

Somehow, I can do roller-coasters, though…

(via Cyanide and Happiness)

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  • Alan E.

    I don’t fear heights, but I can get an extreme vertigo sensation. What really got me though was the new lookout on the Sears’ Tower or the lookout over the Grand Canyon. Just looking at the pictures of those glass bottoms a bajillion miles (by guestimate) up gives me the willies. I would like to think that I can eventually rationalize with myself and lean over the edge.

    Cedar Point (the best roller coaster park in the world so I won’t bother to mention any other weakling parks) is no problem for me.

  • http://neosnowqueen.wordpress.com/ neosnowqueen

    I’m afraid of heights when combined with open spaces. I’m fine in airplanes, but not good at the edge of a cliff or on roller coasters.

  • http://www.cstdbill.com/ Bill

    I’m afraid of heights in those situations when I can imagine myself falling to my death because of my own stupid behavior (e.g., on the edge of a cliff (nosnowqueen’s example)).

    I travel by train when I have the time, or can make the time; but that’s because I find flying uncomfortable and humiliating, not because I think it’s unsafe.

    You won’t find me on a roller coaster because I find reading a book more fun. 😎

  • Heidi

    I think roller coasters must have a special place in the space-time continuum. Somebody should ask Hawking about that. I get dizzy just bending over too far. But roller coasters (looping or otherwise) are no problem.