Looking for Volunteers to Help with Creation Museum Audio Tour

Michael, a reader of the site, is taking the lead in a project I mentioned on here earlier: An Audio Tour of the Creation Museum.

This would be a collaboration of anyone who is visiting the museum next week (and possibly people who have visited in the past or who have comments to add about the exhibits in the museum).

The Audio Tour would include the actual science behind various events depicted in the museum (and maybe a funny comment or two). Hopefully, we can make something that people can download before they visit the museum. It’ll make for a more pleasant and scientifically-accurate visit.

What we need right now are people visiting the museum next week who can help us!

We need volunteers to pass out slips of paper with the information about contributing to the eventual website, and people who would be interested in being an administrator for the website with all the information that comes in.

If you’re interested in helping, please contact me as soon as possible.

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