Update on the Denny’s in Euless, Texas

Last week, courtesy of Jeff Wagg, I learned about a Denny’s in Euless, Texas that was offering this special discount:


Danielle and her friend Jenny wanted to test this promotion out with a non-religious bulletin, so they visited the North Texas Church of Freethought:

… I looked at the bulletin, and it had the required information for the promotion, which was the full name of the organization and its mailing address. Off we went!

You can visit her site to find out what happened when she visited the Denny’s.

While the promotion was still ongoing, Danielle mentions the flyer is no longer visible, so perhaps they learned their lesson and did away with it?

Or maybe they now use special ink that only Christians can see.

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  • http://littlelioness.net Fiona

    $35 well spent?

  • http://wellmaybenot.blogspot.com Danielle Gaither

    Thanks for the mention, Hemant! I feel totally made now. 😉

    @Fiona, actually we did notice that the food there was better than the one closer to where we live. It seems people in Denton who know go to IHOP.

  • http://logofveritas.blogspot.com Veritas

    Well, at least they were non-discriminatory about the type of church. Now, someone needs to test this with a mosque or synagogue, to see if they are really open for anything.

  • http://blueollie.wordpress.com ollie

    I still think that you are missing the point here. This promotion appears to be more about capturing the “after church” crowd than anything else (e. g., dollars and sense).

    My guess is that they’d gladly take money from Pentecostals, Catholics or Unitarians. :)