“Ask Richard” Now Featured in Humanist Network News

The Ask Richard postings seem to have struck a chord with a lot of you.

Our friend Richard is now being featured in Humanist Network News, the ezine for the American Humanist Association :)

HNN is free to sign up for if you don’t receive it already.

Congratulations to him! More of his advice will be coming in the next few days.

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  • Khal82

    The atheist in Wyoming letter posted in the Humanist Network News really struck a chord; I, too, live in a conservative place, and no one other than family knows I am an atheist. I know there would be a backlash with my job (I’m a kind, student- and learning-invested teacher) but I also think knowing of my leanings may help people realize that this perfectly nice, giving woman, has these qualities without theism, threat of hell – or they will just think I am confused, evil, quietly plotting subversion through critical thinking. Oh, and heaven help me if I must be “saved.”

    I would recommend to her joining the Freedom From Religion Foundation – you get a newspaper delivered to your door, and it’s terrific; it also advises of their conferences and of their activism. I feel very connected by all of my various memberships. Good luck to us all!

  • Richard Wade

    That is an encouraging comment of comradship and a helpful suggestion. I’ve copied and pasted it to the comments in the original post about the atheist in Wyoming, so that she is more likely to see it. Thank you.